Butterfly Childcare offers a fully accredited Kindergarten Program aligned with the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines. (QKLG) The kindergarten team at Butterfly Childcare are experienced, knowledgeable, passionate and committed to providing the best possible play based learning programs that reflect the purpose, perspectives, principles and outcomes prescribed within the QKLG.

What is a Kindergarten program? In Queensland the kindergarten year is the year prior to the Prep Year of schooling. Children can participate in a kindergarten program in the year before they start Prep, at school. This means your child will be at least 4 years old by 30 June in the year they participate in a kindergarten program.

Age Year Table


The Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines (QKLG) is based on the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF) and embraces the vision that €œall children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life€. The QKLG aims to tailor specific learning programs that enrich children’s learning and development in the Kindergarten Year. The QKLG provides specific advice and support to Kindergarten teacher’s professional practice in a range of contexts across Queensland, long day care being one of these contexts. What is the Purpose of the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines? In brief the QKLG states the following outline to support and guide the teaching and learning provided by teachers and educators to:

Make deliberate and well-informed decisions to promote and enrich children’€™s holistic learning and development.
Building of respectful relationships with all involved.
Promote children’€™s wellbeing, sense of belonging and ongoing learning progress.
Interact with children, with a clear learning focus, in order to support learning.
Effectively monitor and access children’€™s learning, and communicate appropriately with relevant partners about children’€™s progress.
Build connections between children’€™s prior, current and future learning experiences to promote continuity of learning.
The guidelines describe a set of five learning and development areas in terms of observable behaviours. These learning and development areas relate to the five broad learning outcomes identified in the EYLF.

At Butterfly Childcare your child must attend a minimum of 2 days per week to participate in our Kindergarten programs.
The guidelines also support the national commitment to improving outcomes for Indigenous children by recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, their traditions, histories and experiences prior to colonisation through to the present time.
If you have any further questions regarding the Kindergarten program please don’€™t hesitate to ask the friendly and helpful staff; this being the management and Kindergarten team at Butterfly Childcare Centre.

Tuition fees for the Kindergarten Program are $82 per day. This daily fee is inclusive of the provision of an educational program as lead by a Bachelor-Qualified Early Childhood Teacher, meals, and sunscreen.