As the first 5 years are critical for the foundation of the learning process, our Nursery and its programs are designed to develop an awareness of both self and the world around the young child within a warm, caring and family-based environment.

Caring adults are essential to a baby’s development, especially social-emotional development. We believe it is important for our educators to spend time bonding with the children to build a secure relationship. Only when they feel this safe attachment, they will be confident enough to explore their new environment.

Quality programs focus on sensory learning and development. This prepares the children for future learning and the transition into our Toddler Room. Babbling and chattering begins in this group and it is at this stage that communication begins to develop rapidly.

In our Nursery rooms routines are very flexible, allowing children to move freely around the room to discover and create. They are sung to, read to, danced with, but most of all, our babies are loved, held and nurtured to ensure that they receive every opportunity to develop to their full potential in a stimulating, secure and loving environment.

Our Nursery rooms open out onto a covered verandah perfect for nursery activities. Their playground has specially designed equipment for their age and is separated from the older children so they can explore and play in a secure environment.